About Linda

About Linda

I think I was born to be a designer!  I can never remember a day that hasn’t been spent thinking about interesting ways of making my home more pleasing for my family. Even while growing up, when all my friends were collecting clothes and records, I was re-arranging my room or asking my parents if I could paint something!

I was born and raised in Fort Worth. I was fortunate to marry a naval aviator.  For the next 26 years we, as well as our son, had the privilege to live all over the United States as well as in Japan. With each move I had to use the same furnishings but in different ways. Nothing teaches creativity faster than setting up a home again and again. Those years were some of my best training in design.  Not only was I able to experience many different regional design styles but always working with a budget and a timeline.

After my husband retired, we returned to Fort Worth where we built our first home.  After its completion, our builder was so impressed with how it turned out he asked me to help design the model homes for his company. I worked for Steve Hawkins Custom Homes for 7 years.  During those years I designed all the models, then branched out to assist clients design their homes. There were also many clients who would then ask for my help decorating their finished homes. After all that experience I realized I was ready – in 2000 Designs By Linda was born!

Since then I have had the extreme pleasure of working with over 200 clients. Experience is the best teacher and after twelve years in the industry, I can honestly say I can bring a fresh, innovative approach to any interior. Your home is a history of your life.  You should be able to open the front door and know who lives there!  My challenge is to make what is old feel new again by blending your treasured possessions with new ones or rearranging those you currently have to create something uniquely your own.

While designing is my specialty, I work with paint, tile, granite, cabinetry and sometimes, even moving walls to transform rooms into beautiful new spaces.  Through the years I have been able to find many talented craftsmen in these trades for which I am so grateful!  How lucky I am that God has given me this creative look on life.  I try to honor this gift each day with hard work.

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